Arlington County, VA Official GIS Data for download

To view all available data just click the magnify glass in the search box in the upper left. This application will allow you to download the data in ESRI's shapefile format. If you need ESRI's geodatabase format please see this document. ESRI's geodatabase format is better suited for downloading and we strongly recommend using this format instead. The shapefile format is outdated and has limitations. It may truncate field names when creating the shapefile possibly creating duplicate field names. This is out of our control as ESRI has not updated this format in twenty years. If you run into this issue please use the geodatabase format.

The County's data is maintained in Virginia State Plane North, NAD 83, US Feet (WKID 2283). The data downloaded from this site will be in WGS84.

Unless otherwise noted, all data is © Arlington County, Virginia.

The geographic data layers produced by the Arlington County GIS Mapping Center are provided as a public resource. The County makes no warranties,expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness or suitability of this data, and it should not be construed or used as a legal description. Every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data. This data is not considered in the Public Domain.

Note that the date listed for each data set is the date the map services was created on, not the currency of the data itself. All data is a live link to our publish database and is therefore current.

State Code of Virginia

Pursuant to Section 54.1-402 of the Code of Virginia, any determination of topography or contours, or any depiction of physical improvements, property lines or boundaries is for general information only and shall not be used for the design, modification, or construction of improvements to real property or for flood plain determination.